ENERGY EFFICIENCY, The word electricity has become a part of our lives and is used in different forms, all the way from usage in homes to small and large industries the cost of its usage and efficiency of its usage decides the production cost of any industry today because of the increasing cost of its generation we as ACCORD ENERGY SYSTEMSoffer a series of reliable and innovative products for the optimization of electricity consumption and contribute to the society with high energy efficient products and reduce Carbon Emission (CO2) levels.

TECHNOLOGY,The technology takes into account the basic flow of electricity in different types of combinational networks and loads. Flow of free electrons inside metallic objects is electricity these free electrons can be driven by application of oscillatory magnetic field as alternating current given by equation shown.


ERFINDEN Range of Products – Energy Optimizers, Power savers for SME & Large industries

5KVA to 125 KVA capacity- LT

150 KVA to 400 KVA capacity- HT

MAGIC Range of Products- Solar Power Stations and Panels for SME & Large industries

1 KVA to 5 KVA capacity- Residences

6 KVA to 25 KVA capacity for- Offices, Hotels, SME

30KVA to 100 KVA capacity- Large industries

PULSEON Range of Products- Provide clean-air quality by neutralizing micro-organisms present in Air/ Room atmosphere

150-400 Sq. Feet capacity- Residences

400-1000 Sq., Feet capacity- Offices

TIMEON Range of Products- Power Sockets integrated with DTMF- GSM Mobile Technology to remotely operate electrical devices

Up to  1KW capacity- Residences

1KW to 10 KW capacity- Offices/ SMEs

10KW to 100 KW for Large industries

What is ERFINDEN - Power Optimizer?

ERFINDEN Power Optimizer, A meaningful word for “New Invention in German language” is a US patented Technology which works on the principle of Alternating Current Impendence Matching algorithms between Load & Supply side. The Speed of such algorithms is 72,000 Time monitoring in 24 Hours/ One Day. Therefore, Power Load and Supply is always monitored and optimized continually and Power Consumption is Optimized / Reduced drastically.

Why is ERFINDEN- Power Optimizer important for you?.

EB Dept. normally charges Rs.8 per Units consumption on LT (Low Tension) Commercial supply. However if you check the EB Bill, the over all Bill amount will be much more than Rs.6-8/Unit. This is due to MD/ PF Charges/ Other charges- In short-due to Poor condition on Load side.

ERFINDEN constantly monitor your Supply side &  Load side through complex algorithms and performs Impedance balance for your entire power load, which is technically “R-Resistive / L-Inductance/ C-Capacitance” Types of loads or commercially known as Motors/ Dryers/ Air-conditioners/ Lighting/ Computers/ Heaters/ All types of  Machines used in Office and Factories.

Thus, ERFINDEN make sure your Power System is fully optimized with benefits like,

The State-of-the-art Technology in ERFINDEN POWER OPTIMIZER

ERFINDEN works on current and power factor of each individual phases and Impedance balance methods. In older / conventional APFC panels normally have delta connected Capacitors thus working only between phases providing very minimal relief.

Approximate wattage and KWH (Units) consumption of commonly used equipments