ERFINDEN- POWERTRON EX range of Power Optimizers are ideally designed for Power capacity of 5KVA-KW to 50 KVA-KW pays Power Bills of Rs.10,000 and above.

POWERTRON series of Power Systems brings up host of advantages for your company in  taking care Power Loads . Its Patented Technology algorithms works on Impedance Matching Techniques and put an end to constant worries of ever increasing power consumption and increased power costs.

Available in 3 Ranges

  1. Power Optimizer
  2. Power Optimizer with Online UPS (20 Min to 4 Hr Back-up)
  3. Power Optimizer with UPS & Solar Power


Recommended For,

  1. Offices-SME-Segment like

IT Software/ BPO/ ITES/ Back-Office/ Accounting-Auditing/ Insurance etc.

  1. Hotels/ Restaurants
  2. Commercial Vehicle/ Car/ T.W/ Service Centres
  3. Small Cinema Theatres/ Marriage/ Party Halls with A/C & Light-FAN Loads
  4. Apartments/ Farm houses
  5. Pumping Stations/ Motor Rooms
  6. Any Offices/ Homes using 3 to 10 Nos (A/Cs) of Air Conditioners



  1. Air Conditioner/ Air Coolers
  2. Lighting (LED/ Tube/ Any)
  3. FANs (Industrial/ Domestic)
  4. Computers/ LAN Switches
  5. Printers/ Scanner/ Xerox
  6. Office Lifts
  7. Service Station- Machines
  8. Pantry – Grinder-Mixie-Induction Stoves
  9. Geysers/ Heaters/ Iron Boxes
  10. Audio/ Video / TV Systems

Ideal for Factories/ Industries/ Large Offices Power capacity 30-125 KVA/ KW

ERFINDEN- HERCULES gives you complete peace of mind from problems caused by Electricity/ Power systems such as Increasing Electricity Bills/ MD (Max Demand)/ PF (Power Factor) Penalties/ Equipment Efficiency/ Break-downs/ Load Shedding etc.

 HERCULES series of Power Systems are designed for mid-range power consumers, typically Factories/ Industries/ Large Corporate Offices who needs 30-125KVA of power.

HERCULES series comes with 2 categories.

  1. EP-Power Optimizer
  2. EP S-Power Optimizer with Solar Power

Recommended For

  1. Any types Factories/ Industries
  2. Fabrication Units
  3. Spinning Mills
  4. Rice Mills
  5. Sugar Mills
  6. Saw Mills
  7. Large Corporate Offices
  8. Malls/ Cinema Theatres with A/C & Light-FAN Loads
  9. Appartments/ Farm houses
  10. Large Pumping Stations/ Motor Rooms
  11. Any Offices/ Homes using 10- to 100Nos (A/Cs) of Air Conditioners


  1. CNC Machines
  2. Welding Machines
  3. Lathes/ Turning/ Grinding
  4. Drilling/ Milling
  5. Hobbing/ Honing Machines
  6. Gear Shapers/ Planners
  7. Broaching Machines
  8. Power Lifts
  9. Washers/ Mixers
  10. Dryers/ Boilers
  11. Air Conditioner/ Air Coolers
  12. Lighting (LED/ Tube/ Any)
  13. FANs (Industrial/ Domestic)
  14. Computers/ LAN Switches
  15. Printers/ Scanner/ Xerox
  16. Pantry – Grinder-Mixie-Induction Stoves
  17. Geysers/ Heaters/ Iron Boxes

Ideal for Large Factories/ Industries/ Very Large Offices Power capacity 150-400 KVA

ERFINDEN- POWER PLUShelps primarily releasing KVR capacity and make use of existing power for 20-40% additional Loads. Thus cut-down on  costs arising from buying “Additional Power Capacity” from the electricity dept.

 In addition, POWER PLUS  provides smooth and regulated Power for the entire Factory/ Industry Unit/ Campus units.

POWER PLUS Equipment is available in 2 Models.

  1. EP-Power Optimizer
  2. EP S-Power Optimizer with Solar Power

Recommended For

  1. Large Factories/ Industries
  2. Higher Power demand industries
  3. Large Mills
  4. Large Corporate Offices
  5. Large Campus units


  1. High power compressors
  2. High capacity Motors/ Large pumping stations- 10-100 HP
  3. CNC Machines
  4. Robotic Welding Machines
  5. Lathes/ Turning/ Grinding
  6. Tool Rooms- Equipment
  7. Power Lifts
  8. Washers/ Mixers
  9. Dryers/ Boilers
  10. Air Conditioner/ Air Coolers


Ideal for Educational Institutes-Special Edition Engineering & Technology Student Training Included Power capacity 10KVA/KW To 100KVA/KW

ERFINDEN- EDU PLUSIs specially designed for Technology Educational Institutes like Engineering Colleges & other Institutes of eminence.

 ERFINDEN-EDU PLUS Packs the Power of integrating Power Technologies and also provide learning environment for the UG/ PG Students of Engineering Colleges on the concepts of Power management and Carbon reduction, Green power concepts through Renewable Energy concepts through Solar Power.

EDU PLUS available in One Model integrated with 3 In 1-

  1. Power Optimization
  2. Online UPS
  • Solar Power

Recommended For

  1. Engineering Colleges
  2. Polytechnics
  3. Technical Institutes
  4. Research Centres


  1. LAB equipment’s
  2. Electrical Machines
  3. Lathes/ Turning/ Grinding
  4. Drilling/ Milling
  5. Solar Water Heaters
  6. Solar Power Plants
  7. Air Conditioner/ Air Coolers
  8. All types of Resistive Loads
  9. All types of Inductive Loads
  10. All types of capacitive Loads

The Advantages & Salient Features of ERFINDEN POWER OPTIMIZER

  • Reduce Power costs 20-40% |Power consumption/ Current levels reduced
  • Cut-Down MD Penalties|Max Demand under control since raw power consumption reduced
  • Cut –Down PF Penaties|Power Factor improved from even 20% to 98-99% (Capacitors not used)
  • Release KVR/ Current capacity |As the power consumption drops, KVR capacity is released
  • Additional Load with in same capacity | Utilize saved power for additional load/ machines
  • Reduction in Line Losses | With reduced Current/ Cable Sizes/ Switchgears /Transformer capacity

can be reduced. Reduction of current reduces I2R losses in the system

  • Surge Protection | High energy transient suppressors placed on each phases, protect up to 1600V
  • Improve Network Power Quality | Brownout cycle time upto 20 ms managed and high power

                                                          Provided through out the Network

  • Instantaneous Peak Reduction| Eliminates reactive load current, controls peak current on Motors

                    CNCs/ and other high power equipments.

  • Dynamic Response | ERFINDEN System operates in Mhz, hence response will be instantaneous
  • Efficient on Low Loads | Efficient in even 10% of Load levels
  • Consumes very Low Power | ERFINDEN consumes less than <0.2% of its Load (0.2A for 100Amp)
  • Reliable Power Equipment | ERFINDEN has no moving Parts inside, providing stable power
  • Parallel Power Connection | It operates on Non-Interventional method, hence even when

ERFINDEN System is Switched Off- Power flow continues

  • Long & Trusted Life | ERFINDEN Power Optimizer life expectancy is 15 Years & More.

Certifications and Warranty for ERFINDEN POWER OPTIMIZER

  • Certifications
  • ERFINDEN Product Technology is patented in United States of America (*USA) vide Patent No.US Patent No #US8384361B2
  • CETL- Central Electrical Testing Laboratory Certified
  • Manufacturing
  • ERFINDEN Products are manufactured at ISO 9001|2015 Quality Certified Plant located at Chennai’s Industrial Area, with 1,00,000 Sq. Ft of manufacturing facility.
  • Warranty
  • Equipment is covered under 1 Year comprehensive Standard Warranty terms
  • Extended Warranty is available for 3 years/ 5 years/ 10 Years/ 15 years
  • Per Call Basis Support available for up to 15 Years
  • Service & Support
  • BE/ ME qualified Service Engineers will attend to Service Calls with in 24 Hours for In-city and 48 Hours for Outstation.
  • Remote Support through GPRS for Service Diagnosis
  • Green Energy
  • ERFINDEN iS series of machines are integrated with Renewable Solar Energy panels.
  • It shall help cut-down on power consumption, thus Power requirement is reduced.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • ERFINDEN Power Optimizers immensely reduce energy requirements, thus contribute to reduced Carbon Emission at Power Plants (Thermal Plants).
  • 100 KVA Consumer may contribute to annual reduction of about 50-70,000 KG of Carbon Emission arising out of power generation
  • Best Return On Investment (ROI)
  • ERFINDEN Power Optimizers helps organisations get their ROI with in 1.5 Yrs to 3.0 Yrs, while having LifeTime of 15 Years. Therefore for the remaining 13 years, ERFINDEN is not only a Power Saver, It is an PROFIT MAKER for the company.